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Crystalline Arthritis Clinic

The most common form of crystalline arthritis is caused by the deposition of crystallized uric acid in the joints and soft tissues surrounding joints. The base of the big toe is the most common form of this exquisitely painful condition which is called gout. Appropriate use of medications and changes in diet can be very effective at treating this condition.

Ultrasound examOur Services

  • Evaluation of patients with known or suspected
    • Gout (uric acid crystal deposition)
    • Pseudogout (calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate deposition)
    • Other Crystalline Arthritis (basic calcium apatite)
  • Management of patients with crystalline arthritis
  • State-of-the-art musculoskeletal ultrasound for diagnosis and management
  • Patient education

Our Goals

  • Reduce the discomfort associated with crystalline arthritis
  • Improve quality of life
  • Develop individualized treatment plans to include
    • Patient education
    • Lifestyle modifications
    • Medications as needed
  • Reduce the risk of complications
  • Develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches through clinical research

Our Providers

Darren Tabechian M.D.

Ralf Thiele, M.D.