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Hospital Medicine Division Shines at SHM Converge

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Society of Hospital Medicine’s annual conference, SHM Converge, serves as a platform for hospitalists to share knowledge, research findings, and best practices. This year, the division of Hospital Medicine from URMC played an important role in leading impactful workshops and informative poster presentations. 

“In the ever-changing landscape of medicine,” said Wunnie Brima, MD, PhD, an attendee, “clinical update sessions at SHM Converge are valuable. Knowledge is power, and these updates are the fuel for progress.” 

Elizabeth Pope-Collins, MD, also attended. She said “SHM Converge yields so many fantastic opportunities to develop multi-center research and to forge deeper networking connections. It’s energizing to meet some of the most innovative minds in hospital medicine and to get to learn from them and even collaborate with them.” 

Presenters and Highlights

Anita Balaji, PA  

  • Workshop Speaker: L.E.A.D from Where You Are: A Framework to Advance the Academic Footprint of Hospitalist Physicians and NP/PAs
  • Elected NP/PA SIG Secretary

Catie Glatz, MD

Ashley Jenkins, MD, MSc

Lalita Movva, MD

Grace Ng, MD

Jennifer Readlynn, MD

  • Co-Course Director: Academic Leadership Summit
  • Speaker: More Than Likes and Followers: Using Social Media for Professional Identity Development
  • Facilitator: L.E.A.D from Where You Are

Nina Rizk, MD

Laura Saldivar, MD

Jenny Shen, MD

  • Facilitator: Periop Care
  • Executive Council Secretary: Periop SIG