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How to Apply

Field Placement Sites

The Department of Psychiatry offers field placements/internships for BSW and MSW Social Work Students from the following schools;

Roberts Wesleyan

The Greater Rochester Collaborative

SUNY Brockport

University of Buffalo

Keuka College

Nazareth College


Application Process:

  1. Student must complete:  
  1.  Resume
  2.  Cover letter
  3. Strong SW Intern Form ( attachment)
  1. Foreword above material to the School Field Placement Coordinator of one of the above colleges.
  2. The School Field Coordinator will then forward the material to: Tasha Wilson

Tasha Wilson, LMSW
Psychiatry Field Placement Coordinator
Phone: (585) 275-3518








  1. Tasha Wilson will distribute applications to the psychiatry field supervisors who will contact students to arrange interviews.