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Program Requirements

family imageThe FTTP PDC in Medical Therapy is a 30-credit program. Students can possibly transfer in up to nine of those credits of appropriate graduate-level course work. The student works in collaboration with the Program Director to develop a program of study that matches their learning goals and professional background in. Post-Degree Certificate students must at least have an approved masters degree in an allied profession before entering the program.

Students are expected to complete two family systems theory courses (6 credits); four clinical practice courses (12 credits), family therapy ethics (3 credits), and nine (9) additional credits, which includes courses in human development and research. The elective courses include theory and technique of individual, couples and family therapy, foundations of multi-modal clinical practice, assessment, and interventions, psychopathology and systems, human development across the life cycle, human sexuality, gender and diversity, ethics and professional practice, family systems research, and family law depending on the program of study. Each course focuses on the attainment of knowledge, clinical skills, professionalism; and a clear understanding of scope of practice for marriage and family therapists within the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Students must complete 500 hours of supervised clinical practice with individuals, couples and families. Student learning goals for clinical practicum are clearly defined during each phase of study. Clinical practicum students are assessed at the end of each semester by supervisors. In addition, all students and faculty members participate in an assessment day twice each year.


Course Number Course Name Credits
PSI 539 Family Therapy Theory and Technique 3
PSI 548 Family Therapy Ethics and Professional Practice 3
PSI 498 Medical Family Therapy Intensive 3
PSI 421 Fundamental of Family Therapy Practice 3
PSI 433 The Practice of Medical Family Therapy 3
PSI 425 Special Topics in Integrated Care Practices 3
PSI 426 Integrated Mind-Body Practices 3
Clinical Practicum
PSI 587 For full time students – non credit bearing -
PSI 588 For part time students – non credit bearing -
PSI 545 Human Development Across the Family Life Cycle 3
PSI 566 Couples Therapy 3
PSI 542 Clinical Assessment in Family Therapy 3
PSI 543 Psychopathology and Systems 3
PSI 570 Gender, Human Sexuality and Culture 3
PSI 572 Family Therapy Research 3
PSI 574 Child-focused Family Therapy 3
PSI 560 Narrative and Integrative Approaches to Family Therapy 3
PSI 562 Family Therapy Practice 3
PSI 564 Family Law, Policy and Social Systems 3
PSI 486 Supervision 3
Total Credits   30*

*Total 30 credits include 9 credits in electives or transfers

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