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Bradford Berk
Research Interest: Signaling transduction mechanisms in the vascular system

David Dean
Research Interest: Molecular mechanisms of gene delivery and development of gene therapies for lung disease

Alison Elder
Research Interest: Toxicology of inhaled ultrafine particles (UFPs) on the lung, cardiovascular and central nervous system

Fabeha Fazal
Research Interest: Role and regulation of actin-myosin interactions in endothelial cell (EC) inflammation, permeability, and apoptosis in acute and chronic lung injury

Jacob Finkelstein
Research Interest: Delineating the role of alveolar epithelium in modulating the pulmonary injury response to physiological and toxicological stimuli, including oxidant induced signaling in the pulmonary epithelium and macrophages, and epithelial production of mediators that regulate inflammatory functions of macrophages.

Steve Georas
Research Interest:

Defining molecular mechanisms for respiratory-virus induced epithelial barrier dysfunction; exploring the use of oscillometry in the diagnosis and management of airways disorders; and determining how race neutral PFT interpretation strategies impact the utility of spirometry

Stephen Hammes
Research Interest: Androgen Effects on Reproduction and Cancer

Denise Hocking
Research Interest:

Understanding the mechanisms by which the extracellular matrix protein, fibronectin, affects cell and tissue functions that are critical for wound repair. We study both the structural mechanisms and intracellular signaling events that mediate cell and tissue responses to matrix fibronectin. In turn, we are using this information to develop novel technologies for tissue engineering, and therapeutic approaches to promote tissue regeneration in chronic wounds.

Kirsi Järvinen-Seppo
Research Interest:

Food allergies disorders, caused by milk, eggs and peanuts.

Matthew Kottmann
Research Interest: Investigating how novel receptor-based therapeutics modify cytokine production to mitigate lung injury and fibrosis

B. Paige Lawrence
Research Interest: Influence of environmental factors on the development and function of the immune system

Augusto Litonjua
Research Interest: Investigating factors that both increase and decrease the risk of developing asthma, wheezing, and allergic disorders in childhood

John Lueck
Research Interest: Determining the therapeutic promise of engineered tRNAs for treatment of nonsense associated diseases and investigating the pathomechanisms of skeletal muscle weakness and wasting in myotonic dystrophy

Thomas Mariani
Research Interest:

Genetic mechanisms of susceptibility to congenital and infectious lung diseases, focusing on developmental antecedents and the influence of environmental factors.

James McGrath
Research Interest:

Cell Motility, and Quantitative light microscopy

Craig Morrell
Research Interest: Platelet functions in hemostasis/thrombosis and vascular inflammation. Platelet driven immune responses.

Michael O'Reilly
Research Interest: Understanding how an aberrant oxygen environment at birth disrupts development of the lung and heart, leading to persistent functional changes over the lifespan.

Anthony Pietropaoli
Research Interest: Team approaches to patient-centered, clinical and translational investigation in sepsis and critical illness

Gloria Pryhuber
Research Interest: Delineating multifactorial causes of respiratory morbidity in infants and young children, including environmental exposures on lung development, microbial infection and dysbiosis, and pulmonary immune responses; levering unique human lung and immune cell repositories that support the in vitro study of mechanisms of toxicity of environmental agents.

Arshad Rahman
Research Interest: Endothelial cell biology and lung physiology as it relates to molecular analysis of signal transduction and gene regulation in the lung epithelium.

Irfan Rahman
Research Interest: Redox signaling mechanism of Proinflammatory gene expression in pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory lung diseases caused by environmental toxicants.

Andrea Sant
Research Interest: Influenza specific immunity, vaccine design and regulation of T cell responses to pathogens.

Kristin Scheible
Research Interest:

Neonatal immunology; T cell function in preterm infants

Eric Small
Research Interest:

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of heart development, disease, and regeneration; Transcriptional regulation of fibroblast plasticity and cardiac fibrosis

Sally Thurston
Research Interest: Bayesian inference, modeling multiple outcomes, correction for measurement error bias, informative prior specification, latent variable models, and environmental health applications.

David Topham
Research Interest: Multiple roles of virus-specific Band T cells in determining the outcome of viral infection of the respiratory tract. Long term protective effect of immunological mechanisms.

R. White
Research Interest: Role of mitochondria in hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction.