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Supervisor Support

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Performance issues are challenging for supervisors and employees alike. EAP is an excellent resource for supervisors when you encounter an employee who has performance problems. We provide consultation to supervisors on workplace situations and performance concerns, guidance on making referrals to EAP, workshops and training for staff education, and monthly newsletters for supervisors and employees.

Facing a Traumatic Event?

Though published more than 20 years ago, the content in A Manager's Handbook: Handling Traumatic Events is still relevant today. And remember, your EAP is here to support you.


The staff of the employee assistance program is available for consultation with administrators, supervisors, managers and team leaders about concerns, behaviors and performance of individuals on your team. The goal of the EAP consultation process is to help supervisors alleviate workplace problems. The problem will be defined and then the manager and EAP counselor will develop a plan of action to address the issue.


Performance issues are challenging for supervisors and employees alike. It’s hard to tell someone that problems are jeopardizing their job, and even harder for an employee to accept that personal issues have become so serious. As a supervisor or manager, you are often in the best position to help employees who are experiencing problems that affect their lives and/or job performance. When you become aware of such problems, you can encourage employees to seek the assistance and support of Employee Assistance Program and give them information regarding how to do that.

Supervisor Series

Our Supervisor Series teaches managers and supervisors how to address concerns they have with those who report to them. Attendees will learn that Life-Work Connections/EAP can be a resource when addressing an employee with job performance concerns. 

See our Supervisor Series flyer for upcoming dates and times. Enroll in our upcoming sessions through MyPath.