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Alessandra Araujo
Alessandra Araujo, M.S.
Research Interest:
Role of Toll Like Receptors and Commensal Bacteria in Secondary Responses to T. gondii
David Barnard
David Barnard, M.S.
Nicholas Battaglia
Nicholas Battaglia, M.S.
Hannah Bell
Hannah Bell, M.S.
Research Interest:
Characterizing effector T cell motility in inflammation and infection 
Andrew Bischer
Andrew Bischer
Catherine Burke
Catherine Burke, M.S.
Ryan Connor
Ryan Connor
Research Interest:
Platelet mediated monocyte maturation
Megan Dunagan
Megan Dunagan, M.S.
Research Interest:
Mechanism of host shutoff induced by influenza virus
Abdul Embong
Abdul Embong
Lacey Favazzo
Lacey Favazzo, M.S.
Zanah Francis
Zanah Francis, M.S.
Booyeon Han
Booyeon Han, M.S.
Research Interest:
Cancer immune microenvironment and immunotherapy
Jenna Hindsley
Jenna Hindsley
Marina Koroleva
Marina Koroleva, M.S.
Research Interest:
The effect of vaccine protein composition on the immune B cell response
Elizabeth Lindsay
Elizabeth Lindsay, M.S.
Shannon Loelius
Shannon Loelius, M.S.
Michael Lutz
Michael Lutz
Research Interest:
Host adaptation of influenza virus
Ferralita Madere
Ferralita Madere
James McGuinness
James McGuinness, M.S.
Mary Moran
Mary Moran
Research Interest:
Role of S. aureus virulence factors in promoting epidermal viral infectivity: Relevance for atopic dermatitis
Sean Nelson
Sean Nelson, M.S.
Karli Norville
Karli Norville, M.S.
Daphne Pariser
Daphne Pariser, M.S.
Jules Park
Jules Park, M.S.
Jonathan Pinney
Jonathan Pinney, M.S.
Research Interest:
Investigating the molecular mechanisms that govern macrophage phagocytosis of mAb-opsonized targets in cancer immunotherapy.

“I am interested in becoming a scientist in industry where I will have the opportunity to combine experimental and computational analyses to develop new and improve current scientific tools.”
Catherine Pizzarello
Catherine Pizzarello
Research Interest:
The role of human milk oligosaccharides in the regulation of intestinal epithelial cell cytokine expression
Shuyang Qin
Shuyang Qin
Research Interest:
Mechanism of immunomodulation in pancreatic cancer
Irene Rodriguez-Sanchez
Irene Rodriguez-Sanchez, M.S.
Priyanka Saminathan
Priyanka Saminathan, M.S.
Dillon Schrock
Dillon Schrock, Ph.D.
Research Interest:
The role of the extracellular matrix in facilitating CD4+ T cell migration and localization specifically as it pertains to Tfh function in the germinal center.
Sydney Simpson
Sydney Simpson, M.S.
Research Interest:
Small molecule discovery targeting KSHV latency
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, M.S.
Research Interest:
Role of a polymerase defect in function of the live attenuated influenza A virus
Katharine Tomberlin
Katharine Tomberlin
Alissa Trzeciak
Alissa Trzeciak, M.S.
Research Interest:
Long-term brain dysfunction driven by acute sepsis-associated encephalopathy
Taylor  Uccello
Taylor  Uccello
Megan Ulbrich
Megan Ulbrich
Janelle Veazey
Janelle Veazey, M.S.
Research Interest:
Epithelial protein kinase D is a novel regulator of anti-viral immunity
Emily Weber
Emily Weber, M.S.
Emily Wu
Emily Wu, M.S.
Research Interest:
Sexual dimorphism in rheumatoid arthritis