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Current Students

Alessandra Araujo

Alessandra Araujo

Research Interest: Role of Toll Like Receptors and Commensal Bacteria in Secondary Responses to T. gondii

Margaret Barlow

Margaret Barlow

Nicholas Battaglia

Nicholas Battaglia

Hannah Bell

Hannah Bell

Research Interest: Characterizing effector T cell motility in inflammation and infection 

Andrew Bischer

Andrew Bischer

Jennifer Colquhoun

Jennifer Colquhoun

Research Interest: Identification of antimicrobials with activity in non-laboratory media.

Ryan Connor

Ryan Connor

Research Interest: Platelet mediated monocyte maturation

Megan Dunagan

Megan Dunagan

Research Interest: B Cell Memory to Pertussis

Lacey Favazzo

Lacey Favazzo

Booyeon Han

Booyeon Han

Research Interest: Cancer immune microenvironment and immunotherapy

Jenna Hindsley

Jenna Hindsley

Cassandra Houser

Cassandra Houser

Maxime Jean

Maxime Jean

Research Interest: HIV latency, antiretroviral drug discovery for HIV

Marina Koroleva

Marina Koroleva

Research Interest: The effect of vaccine protein composition on the immune B cell response

Christopher Kovacs

Christopher Kovacs

Elizabeth Lindsay

Elizabeth Lindsay

Shannon Loelius

Shannon Loelius

James McGuinness

James McGuinness

Stephanie Monticelli

Stephanie Monticelli

Taylor Moon

Taylor Moon

Research Interest: Investigating the role of the ATP/UTP receptor P2Y2 in cell migration, HIV-1 infection and apoptotic cell clearance.

“I have a strong interest in college level teaching and have gained a great deal of classroom experience through the pre-college program at the University of Rochester. For more information, please visit my teaching ePortfolio.

Aditi Murthy

Aditi Murthy

Research Interest: Impact of hypoxia on IFNg-dependent immune responses in tumor microenvironment and its implications for radiotherapy.

Sean Nelson

Sean Nelson

Jonathan Pinney

Jonathan Pinney

Research Interest: Investigating the molecular mechanisms that govern macrophage phagocytosis of mAb-opsonized targets in cancer immunotherapy.

“I am interested in becoming a scientist in industry where I will have the opportunity to combine experimental and computational analyses to develop new and improve current scientific tools.”

Lauren Rice

Lauren Rice

Research Interest: Understanding protein interactions in the VapBC toxin-antitoxin system and identifying the RNA targets of VapC endoribonucleases.

Irene Rodriguez-Sanchez

Irene Rodriguez-Sanchez

Priyanka Saminathan

Priyanka Saminathan

Dillon Schrock

Dillon Schrock

Research Interest: The role of the extracellular matrix in facilitating CD4+ T cell migration and localization specifically as it pertains to Tfh function in the germinal center.

Sydney Simpson

Sydney Simpson

Research Interest: Small molecule discovery targeting KSHV latency

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Research Interest: Role of a polymerase defect in function of the live attenuated influenza A virus

Katharine Tomberlin

Katharine Tomberlin

Alissa Trzeciak

Alissa Trzeciak

Research Interest: Long-term brain dysfunction driven by acute sepsis-associated encephalopathy

Taylor  Uccello

Taylor  Uccello

Janelle Veazey

Janelle Veazey

Research Interest: Epithelial protein kinase D is a novel regulator of anti-viral immunity

Brandon Walling

Brandon Walling

Research Interest: Evaluating T cell migration and chemokine dependence

Emily Wu

Emily Wu

Research Interest: Sexual dimorphism in rheumatoid arthritis