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Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
    Developing agent-based model to understand influenza immunogenicity.
    Alessandra Araujo
    Alessandra Araujo
      Role of Toll Like Receptors and Commensal Bacteria in Secondary Responses to T. gondii
      Shringkhala Bajimaya
      Shringkhala Bajimaya
        Mechanism of paramyxovirus assembly
        Maureen Banach
        Maureen Banach
          Margaret Barlow
          Margaret Barlow
            David Barnard
            David Barnard
              Nicholas Battaglia
              Nicholas Battaglia
                Hannah Bell
                Hannah Bell
                  Anna Bird
                  Anna Bird
                    Catlyn Blanchard
                    Catlyn Blanchard
                      The serum response of Acinetobacter baumannii focusing on serum-induced efflux pumps and outer membrane vesicles.
                      Matthew Brewer
                      Matthew Brewer
                        Development of novel nanoparticle based vaccine strategies to improve the quality of the immune response against HIV envelope antigen
                        Peter Bryk
                        Peter Bryk
                          Understanding the roles of the F13 protein of vaccinia virus and the mechanisms by which it functions
                          Elise Burger
                          Elise Burger
                            Mucosal immunology; host-pathogen interactions
                            Catherine Burke
                            Catherine Burke
                              Chutikarn Chaimayo
                              Chutikarn Chaimayo
                                Mechanism of influenza assembly, the nuclear export of influenza viral genome, and the molecular mechanism regulating the trafficking of viral nucleocapsids
                                Jennifer Colquhoun
                                Jennifer Colquhoun
                                  Identification of antimicrobials with activity in non-laboratory media.
                                  Kelli Connolly
                                  Kelli Connolly
                                    Ryan Connor
                                    Ryan Connor
                                      Platelet mediated monocyte maturation
                                      Anthony DiPiazza
                                      Anthony DiPiazza
                                        CD4 T cell responses following influenza infection and vaccination; vaccination strategies to induce protection to novel and potentially pandemic strains of influenza viruses
                                        Megan Dunagan
                                        Megan Dunagan
                                          B Cell Memory to Pertussis
                                          Lacey Favazzo
                                          Lacey Favazzo
                                            Zanah Francis
                                            Zanah Francis
                                            • First Year
                                              Booyeon Han
                                              Booyeon Han
                                              • First Year
                                                Zane Haynes
                                                Zane Haynes
                                                • First Year
                                                  Katherine Herman
                                                  Katherine Herman
                                                    The role of innate lymphoid cells in the development and resolution of dermal inflammation
                                                    Maxime Jean
                                                    Maxime Jean
                                                      HIV latency, antiretroviral drug discovery for HIV
                                                      Nina Kim
                                                      Nina Kim
                                                        Marina Koroleva
                                                        Marina Koroleva
                                                          The effect of vaccine protein composition on the immune B cell response
                                                          Christopher Kovacs
                                                          Christopher Kovacs
                                                            Elizabeth Lindsay
                                                            Elizabeth Lindsay
                                                            • First Year
                                                              Shannon Loelius
                                                              Shannon Loelius
                                                                James McGuinness
                                                                James McGuinness
                                                                  Stephanie Monticelli
                                                                  Stephanie Monticelli
                                                                  • First Year
                                                                    Taylor Moon
                                                                    Taylor Moon
                                                                      P2Y2 signaling in apoptotic cell clearance and HIV-1 infection
                                                                      Aditi Murthy
                                                                      Aditi Murthy
                                                                        Impact of hypoxia on IFNg-dependent immune responses in tumor microenvironment and its implications for radiotherapy.
                                                                        Sean Nelson
                                                                        Sean Nelson
                                                                        • First Year
                                                                          Karli Norville
                                                                          Karli Norville
                                                                          • First Year
                                                                            Daphne Pariser
                                                                            Daphne Pariser
                                                                              Kun Hyoe Park
                                                                              Kun Hyoe Park
                                                                                Ian Perry
                                                                                Ian Perry
                                                                                  Jonathan Pinney
                                                                                  Jonathan Pinney
                                                                                  • First Year
                                                                                    Lauren Rice
                                                                                    Lauren Rice
                                                                                      Understanding protein interactions in the VapBC toxin-antitoxin system and identifying the RNA targets of VapC endoribonucleases.
                                                                                      Irene Rodriguez-Sanchez
                                                                                      Irene Rodriguez-Sanchez
                                                                                        James Roger
                                                                                        James Roger
                                                                                        • First Year
                                                                                          Priyanka Saminathan
                                                                                          Priyanka Saminathan
                                                                                            Dillon Schrock
                                                                                            Dillon Schrock
                                                                                              Sydney Simpson
                                                                                              Sydney Simpson
                                                                                                Small molecule discovery targeting KSHV latency
                                                                                                Andrew Smith
                                                                                                Andrew Smith
                                                                                                  Madeline Sofia
                                                                                                  Madeline Sofia
                                                                                                    Characterization of the potential role of Vig (Vibrio immunoglobulin-like protein) in AM-19226 host cell adherence.
                                                                                                    Alissa Trzeciak
                                                                                                    Alissa Trzeciak
                                                                                                      Janelle Veazey
                                                                                                      Janelle Veazey
                                                                                                        Brandon Walling
                                                                                                        Brandon Walling
                                                                                                          Evaluating T cell migration and chemokine dependence
                                                                                                          Rachel Warren
                                                                                                          Rachel Warren
                                                                                                            Emily Weber
                                                                                                            Emily Weber
                                                                                                              Emily Wu
                                                                                                              Emily Wu