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WRHEPC - Finger Lakes Subregion Workgroup Products

BP1 Workgroup Products - FLR

Volunteer Management

BP5 Workgroup Products - FLR

Offsite Preparedness Workgroup

Hospital Security Workgroup

eFinds Workgroup

eFinds Quarterly Drill Controller/Evaluator Handbook
eFinds Exercise Evaluation Guide
eFinds Quarterly Drill Exercise Plan

Hospital Field Report Workgroup

BP4 Workgroup Products - FLR

BP3 Workgroup Products - FLR

  • Demobilization - This workgroup will develop a general all hazards template to allow users to begin the demobilization process in a consistent method. 

    Demobilization Plan Template

  • Hospital Field Report - This workgroup collaborated with State Office of Emergency Management to develop a form to report to local Emergency Management.

    Hospital Field Reports

BP2 Workgroup Products - FLR

  • EMS Briefing Template - The workgroup created a template pamphlet for local EMS agencies that could be used to outline hospital disaster response activities including lock down, traffic changes, decon capabilities, and disaster triage.  A sample pamphlet is included as an example.
    EMS Briefing Template
    Sample Pamphlet
  • Notification Template - The workgroup project was to identify a list of roles/agencies that would be notified for three different areas: on campus, health system, external partners. Thresholds and means (phone/pager/email/radio) for each would need to be determined.
    Notification Template
  • EOP Activation Levels - The workgroup developed a plain language Emergency Operations Plan activation level matrix to enhance the common operating picture among healthcare and emergency management agencies.
    Emergency Operations Plain Language Activation Levels


WRHEPC - Western New York Subregion Workgroup Products

BP3&4 Workgroup Products - WNY

  • Communications - Plain Language implementation initiative.

    1/22/16 Meeting Notes - Describes Standard Language and implementation timeline.
    Plain Language Alerts Template - Used for internal and external agency communications on the initiative.
  • Decon - Planning and Resource Documents

     Kaleida Action Guide 5A for Animal Decon
     Hospital Decon for Service K9s
     Hospital Decontamination Self Assessment Tool
     Patient Decon National Planning Guide

  • Evacuation - Describes and depicts TALS pictograms

      Transportation Assistance Levels 
      Evacuation Resource Documents
      AHRQ Evacuation Decision Guide
      Hospital Evacuation Toolkit   
      NFPA Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities     
      HICS 255 Master Patient Evacuation Tracking Form
      HICS 257 Resource Accounting Record
      HICS Evacuation Tracking Form
      Hospital Evacuation Patient Info Tracking Form
      NH Resident Evacuation Tracking Form
      Hospital Evacuation Flow Chart
      Sample Hospital Evacuation Checklist
      Unit Evacuation Go Kit   
      Kaleida Evacuation Documentation Checklist   
      CHS Evacuation Response Guide     
      Hospital Evacuation Process Documents  
      Notification and Maintenance Matrices 
      Notification and Maintenance Samples

  • Hospital Security Coordinators

      ALICE Training - ALICE training techniques for Active Shooter incidents.
      Interagency Security Committee Best Practices - Resource document, establishes baseline
      agency/department protocols across the Federal government for active shooter incidents.

  • WNY Pediatric Planning and Resources

      National Pediatric Readiness Assessment - Describes the national initiative to reassess ED pediatric    
      Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Initiative - Documents/tools for community hospitals to use to implement
      planning steps for pediatric disaster preparedness.
      WNY Pediatric Regional Response Plan Hospital Tiers - Identifies initial assignment of WNY hospitals to
      Tiers for preparedness and response planning for a regional pediatric surge.
      WNY Pediatric Initiative for Partner Meeting 1/20/16 - Planning partner presentation on pediatric surge
      and regional Regional Response Plan initiative.
      Checklist For Hospital Disaster Preparedness
      Checklist For Hospital Disaster Prepare Initiative
      ED Preparedness Checklist
      PEARS, PALS, ENPC Training Descriptions
      New Pediatric Regulations DAL
      NYC Hospital Guidelines For Pediatric Preparedness

BP2 Workgroup Products - WNY

  • Hospital Evacuation/eFINDS - eFINDS documents developed by the WNY Hospital Evacuation Work Group include the following:

Instructions for Hospital/ Healthcare Facility Evacuation Plan Revision for inclusion of eFINDS

Please read these carefully to see how the documents can be used, as desired, to complete an Evacuation Plan revision and help meet a plan revision deliverable (for grantees). Non-grantee hospitals can also use the documents to help them incorporate eFINDS to their Evacuation Plan. The documents have been developed to broadly address eFINDS procedures.  Note:  The Hospital is expected to make facility-specific decisions about use of the content and modify/use these as needed.

  • Emergency Communications - Workgroup developed a revised and updated  Emergency Communications Annex (ECA) Template for use in developing or revising a hospital's ECA. Updates include the "The Joint Commission and NIMS Table".
    -These documents are for use in developing your ECA to meet the New Plan deliverable; or to revise your existing ECA to meet the Revised Plan deliverable. Instructions are included to assist in modifying the template.
    • WNY Communications Annex Template
    • Using the Emergency Communications Template and Samples
    • Medical Surge - This workgroup developed a template for the Hospital Mass Casualty Incident – Disaster Triage Annex and included key resources used in the development of the template.  The template was designed to provide guidance for content, processes, and responsibilities for managing a mass casualty incident without contamination, and must be modified  to reflect your hospital’s processes.

Directions for modifying the plan for your facility
 - Read thoroughly, and use your hospital’s current Codes terminology, and Levels of Activation
 - Modify the actions in the template per your current CEMP, and to reflect your staff and Department actions.
 - Ensure all Tables and Lists are modified to reflect your supplies, equipment, areas, and staffing assignments.
 - Remove/ add Attachments - none are required, but those included should reflect your disaster triage methodology
    and tags.
 - Modify the Table of Contents as needed.
 - Review and modify the Hospital Command Center actions per your CEMP. They only reflect the initial HCC