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URMC / Emergency Preparedness Coalition / Preparedness and Response Tools/Resources / Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)


Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

HSEEP Related Resources


HSEEP Revised Document - April 2013

HSEEP Revised Fact Sheet

FEMA - National Preparedness Goals (Core Capabilities)

Crosswalk of Target Capabilities to Core Capabilities

Trust For America's Health (TFAH) - Bioterrorism & Public Health Preparedness

Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) - BP3 - Training & Exercise Requirements Checklist

Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) - BP3 - Training & Exercise Requirement Checklist

Pat Ander's - HSEEP Presentation (2015)

Pat Ander's - HSEEP Presentation (2017)

Exercise Design and Development TEMPLATES

Controller and Evaluator (CE) Handbook
Communications Plan
Exercise Plan (ExPlan)
Extent of Play Agreement
Master Task List
Situation Manual (Sitman)

Exercise Conduct TEMPLATES

Actor Waiver Form
CE Briefing
CE Debriefing
Exercise Actor Briefing
Exercise Badges
Participant Feedback Form
Observer Briefing
Symptomatology Card/Tag
Player Briefing
TTX Briefing

Exercise Evaluation TEMPLATES

EEG Instructions - Developing EEGs
EEG Instructions - Collecting Data
SAMPLE EEG (HEC Functional Exercise 2015)
EEG - Response Critical Transportation
EEG - Response Fatality Management
EEG - Response Mass Care
EEG - Response Operational Communications
EEG - Response Operational Coordination
EEG - Response Planning
EEG - Response Public Health & Emergency Planning
EEG - Response Public Information & Warning
EEG - Response Situational Assessment
EEG - Evacuation
EEG - Intelligence & Info Sharing
EEG - Mass Care
EEG - Onsite Incident Command
EEG - Surge

Improvement Planning TEMPLATE

After-Action Report/Improvement Plan (AAR/IP)
Quick Look Form

Hospital Preparedness Exercise Pocket Guide

Hospital Preparedness Exercise Pocket Guide