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Lung Health & Disease

Lung DiseaseThe University of Rochester has an outstanding history of leadership in pediatric respiratory disease research, including being at the forefront of the development and implementation surfactant replacement therapy. Surfactant replacement was a revolutionary therapy that has been responsible for saving the lives of countless premature infants since its development. Current research in this area is focused on gaining a better understanding of the normal processes involved in lung development, and abnormalities or interruptions in this process that are associate with respiratory disease in children. These studies include basic research on the function of cells and molecules in lung health and disease, investigation of animal models of respiratory disease, and translational studies including analyses of human subjects and subject-derived bio-specimens.


Kate Ackerman, M.D., Critical Care

Patricia Chess, M.D., Neonatology

Carl D'Angio, M.D., Neonatology

David Dean, Ph.D., Neonatology

Andrew Dylag, M.D., Neonatology

Fabeha Fazal, Ph.D., Neonatology

Jacob Finkelstein, Ph.D., Neonatology

Sean Frey, M.D., M.P.H., General Pediatrics

Francis Gigliotti, M.D., Infectious Diseases

Jill Halterman, M.D., M.P.H., General Pediatrics

Carl Johnston, Ph.D., Neonatology

Augusto Litonjua, M.D., M.P.H., Pulmonology

Tom Mariani, Ph.D., Neonatology