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The Neuroscience Graduate Program at the University of Rochester recruits and matriculates the highest quality students from around the United States and from all parts of the world. They participate in a rigorous neuroscience curriculum, attend national and international meetings, and contribute to cutting edge research. Many of our students have published manuscripts in high profile international journals and present abstracts at a host of large and small scientific meetings. In addition, our students participate as members of the curriculum, admissions and colloquium committees, and annually present their ongoing research to fellow students and to the neuroscience community as a whole.

Student Composite


Matthew  Adusei

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First Year

Holly Beaulac
Holly Beaulac, M.S.

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Patricia White Lab
NSC Track

Identifying molecular mechanisms that maintain or restore hearing after noise exposure
MaKenna  Cealie

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First Year

Udaysankar Chockanathan
Udaysankar Chockanathan

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Neural Circuits and Computation Laboratory
NBA Track
Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D., Ph.D.)

Comparison of the efficacy of various correlation and causation algorithms for quantifying interactions in resting-state fMRI brain activity using graph theory approaches
Michael  DuHain

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First Year

Johanna  Fritzinger

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First Year

Joshua Hinkle
Joshua Hinkle, M.S.

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O'Banion-Olschowka Labs
NSC Track

Effects of irradiation on neuron-glia interactions
Jessica Hogestyn
Jessica Hogestyn, M.S.

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Mayer-Pröschel Lab
NSC Track

Effects of human herpesvirus 6A latency on oligodendroglial migration and maturation: Implications for demyelinating disease.
Berke Karaahmet
Berke Karaahmet

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O'Banion-Olschowka Labs
NSC Track

Colin Lockwood
Colin Lockwood, M.S.

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Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
NBA Track

Systems neuroscience
Alexandra McHale
Alexandra McHale

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Fudge Lab
NBA Track

Identifying cortico-amygdala-striatal paths in the social brain
Monique Mendes
Monique Mendes, M.S.

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Majewska Lab
NSC Track

Microglial contributions to circuit changes following experience-dependent plasticity
Humberto Mestre
Humberto Mestre, M.S.

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Nedergaard Lab
NSC Track

Vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia
Kathleen Miller-Rhodes
Kathleen Miller-Rhodes, M.S.

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Neurovascular Protection Group
NSC Track

Focus on lung-brain coupling during focal ischemia
Patrick Miller-Rhodes
Patrick Miller-Rhodes, M.S.

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Gelbard Lab
NSC Track

Microglia-lymphocyte crosstalk in HIV-1 associated neuro-cognitive disorder
Allison Murphy
Allison Murphy

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Briggs Lab
NSC Track

Role of corticogeniculate feedback in vision
Yunpeng Pang
Yunpeng Pang

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Noble Lab
NSC Track

The role of the redox/Fyn/c-Cbl pathway as a master regulator of glial progenitor cell division, differentiation and survival
Emily Przysinda
Emily Przysinda

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First Year
NSC Track
Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D., Ph.D.)

Neural mechanisms of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Epilepsy, MS, Alzheimers, Learning disorders, ADHD & other neurological disease or disorders
Melissa  Rifkin

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First Year

Alejandra Rodriguez
Alejandra Rodriguez

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First Year

Garrick Salois
Garrick Salois, M.S.

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Mayer-Pröschel Lab
NSC Track

The interaction between genetic susceptibilities and perinatal environmental factors in the pathophysiology of intellectual disabilities and neurodevelopmental disorders.
Neal Shah
Neal Shah

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Noble Lab
NSC Track

Overcoming c-Cbl inhibition as a new therapeutic strategy for treatment of glioblastoma
Shraddha Shah
Shraddha Shah, M.S.

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Briggs Lab
NSC Track

Neural mechanisms of visual attention
Keshov Sharma
Keshov Sharma, M.S.

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Romanski Lab
Fudge Lab
NBA Track
Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D., Ph.D.)

Identifying neural connections between the amygdala and prefrontal cortex in the non-human primate
Anjali Sinha
Anjali Sinha

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Holt Lab
NSC Track

The role of inhibitors of protein phosphatases on long term memory formation
Kamy Wakim
Kamy Wakim

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Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory
NSC Track

To investigate neural markers of executive dysfunction in addiction and HIV
Emily Warner
Emily Warner

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Neural Circuits and Computation Laboratory
NSC Track

The role of feedback projections from the hippocampus to the olfactory bulb in sensory coding
Sarah  Yablonski

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First Year

Farangis "Fara" Zakusilo
Farangis "Fara" Zakusilo

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The Gorbunova & Seluanov Laboratory
Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D., Ph.D.)

The basics of neurodegeneration, as well as basics and therapeutic approaches to neuroregeneration