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Lupus Clinic and Program

Lupus is an autoimmune illness that causes inflammation and can affect many parts of the body making you feel unwell. Our team is committed to providing you with the very best care possible—care that is centered around you and your needs, helping your symptoms and keeping you healthy.

We Offer

Dr Anolik at Lupus Education day

  • A team of experienced health care providers to care for you
  • The IQ-LUPUS Program to link patients with the supports they need
  • A treatment (infusion) center in the clinic for patients who need medicines that can’t be taken at home
  • Information for you and your family about your illness and treatment
  • Information about studies being done on lupus and on medications to treat it
  • Educational opportunities for you and your family, such as the annual Lupus Education Day symposium

Quick Facts

  • Lupus is an autoimmune illness, which means your immune system attacks your healthy cells and tissues.
  • Lupus can be difficult to diagnose because it can look different in different people.
  • Lupus can affect many different parts of the body. Some of these parts are joints, skin, kidneys and lungs.
  • Lupus is more common in Asian, African American and Latina women.

Also take a look at our fact sheets and videos in English and Spanish on our Information for Patients and Families page.

lupus education day seminar

Our Providers


If you have questions about your illness or treatment, ask your doctor. For more information, you may find these articles from the American College of Rheumatology helpful.