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Robert Freeman, Ph.D.

Robert Freeman, Ph.D.

  | Professor, Pharmacology & Physiology

Research Interests

Molecular biology of programmed cell death

Wei Hsu, PhD

Wei Hsu, PhD

  | Professor, Biomedical Genetics

Research Interests

Cellular Signaling in Neural Development and Disease

Vyacheslav Korshunov, Ph.D.

Vyacheslav Korshunov, Ph.D.

  | Assistant Professor, Medicine

Research Interests

Vascular Remodeling

Richard Libby, Ph.D.

Richard Libby, Ph.D.

  | Associate Professor, Ophthalmology

Research Interests

Neurobiology of glaucoma and retinal ganglion cell loss

Mark Noble, Ph.D.

Mark Noble, Ph.D.

  | Professor, Biomedical Genetics

Research Interests

Targeting stem cells for cancer and regenerative therapy

Alexander Paciorkowski, M.D.

Alexander Paciorkowski, M.D.

  | Assistant Professor, Neurology

Research Interests

Pediatric Neurology, Human Genetics

Christoph Pröschel, Ph.D.

Christoph Pröschel, Ph.D.

  | Associate Professor, Biomedical Genetics

Research Interests

Role of astrocytes in CNS disease and repair

Charles Thornton, M.D.

Charles Thornton, M.D.

  | Professor, Neurology

Research Interests

Myotonic dystrophy and mechanisms repeat expansion diseases