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Name Research Description

Butler, Scott

Post-transcriptional Regulation of mRNA Expression in the Nucleus of Eukaryotic Cells.

Dewhurst, Stephen Viral Vectors and HIV/Cancer Vaccine Development; Mechanisms of NeuroAIDS; Human Herpesvirus-7.

Dziejman, Michelle

Type Three Secretion System mediated pathogenesis of V. cholerae

Elliott, Michael

Phagocytic clearance of apoptotic cells: molecular regulation and immunological consequences

Fowell, Deborah Genetic Determinants that Shape the Immune Response During Infectious and Autoimmune Disease.
Frelinger, John G. Immunity to Tumor Antigens.
Gelbard, Harris Effects of HIV-1 infection on neuronal function, signaling, and fate in the CNS.
Gill, Steven

Microbial pathogens and the impact of human microbial flora on human health and disease.

Haidaris, Constantine G. Pathogenesis of Pneumocystis carinii and Candida albicans
Kim, Minsoo Dynamic leukocyte adhesion and migration
Livingstone, Alexandra T Cell Memory
Lord, Edith M. Cell Mediated Immunity to Tumors.
Maggirwar, Sanjay Role of NF-kB in Cell Growth and Survival
Martinez-Sobrido, Luis Evasion of the innate immune response by viruses
Miller, Jim Role of LFA-1 in T Cell Costimulation.
Mosmann, Tim Immune Regulation by T Cell Subsets and their Cytokines.
Murphy, Shawn

Immunoregulatory properties of trophoblast cells

O'Banion, M. Kerry Cytokines and Lipid Mediators in CNS Injury and Alzheimer's Disease
Pavelka, Martin Biosynthesis of the Cell Wall of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Phipps, Richard P. B Cells and Prostaglandins; Fibroblasts as Effector Cells in Immunity.
Quivey, Robert G. Jr. Regulation of Bacterial Gene Expression.
Robert, Jacques Comparative Immunology; Heat-Shock Proteins
Sant, Andrea Class II Restricted Antigen Presentation.
Takimoto, Toru Molecular Mechanisms of Paramyxovirus Infection, Replication and Assembly.
Topham, David T Cell Immunity to Respiratory Viruses.
Ward, Brian Molecular Mechanisms of Poxvirus Envelope Formation.